Stop Mental Illness foundation Nigeria (SMIF NIGERIA) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization established to fight against mental illness disorders, and its stigmatization within the Nigerian populace at home and in diaspora to create a better environment for the Nigerian population.

We are a foundation on a mission to help eradicate, influence and educate people about the dangers of mental illness and its causes through various professionally carved therapeutic values, programmes and activities.

SMIF NIGERIA was founded by Mrs Odudimu Ojajuni Oluseyi Elizabeth in 2018. Our major aim and objective is to eradicate the malignancy called mental illness in the Nigerian Society. We have taken up numerous cases pertaining mental care and thus far, our campaign has yielded several positive results, more than the expected outcome.

The positive feedback we have been getting has been our major driving force which has made us stick to this mandate to the letter. Going forward, we plan to increase our outreach to every community and most importantly, help Nigerians at various levels.

Join us in the campaign to stop mental illness stigma in Nigeria. It begins with You and I.

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THE S-M-I-F Motto
Endeavor to care for the body and don’t forget to take charge of your mind. Eat good foods and think positively. Abstain from bad diet and stay away from negative thought! Positive mind and body interactions are often conceptualized by healthy living.

Our Team

Oluseyi Elizabeth Ojajune Odudimu

My name is Oluseyi Elizabeth Ojajune Odudimu, I am a Nigerian and I have decided to give back to the society in my little way

Oluseyi Elizabeth Ojajune Odudimu

Ikuejurojo Owolabi Elisha

Project manager for Smis Nigeria, footballer, logistics manager and music lover #teamAlphas, Nike citizen and photo journalist....C.E.O of labbyvilla hotels

Ikuejurojo Owolabi Elisha

Project Manager

Mr. Ogidan Adesoji David

  Osun State Coordinator

Mrs. Olusola Martha

Osun State Coordinator