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Seeking Truth and Understanding: A Call for Mental Health Advocacy in Light of Nick Imudia’s Passing

The recent and unexpected passing of Nick Imudia, former Chief Executive Officer of Konga and Group CEO of D.light International, has sent shockwaves through the community. Initial reports indicated that Nick’s death was a result of suicide, prompting a deep investigation by homicide detectives into the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise. As the authorities delve […]

Swimming for Mental Health: A Hero’s Effort to Raise Awareness on the Third Mainland Bridge

The Tragic Ripple Effects: A Mother’s Suicide and the Importance of Kindness SUICIDAL PREVENTION Understanding Suicide: Causes, Prevention, and Support  In a remarkable display of dedication and courage, a man recently swam for an hour and a half in the waters beneath the Third Mainland Bridge, not for personal glory, but to shine a light […]

The Deception of Fame: Lessons in Empathy and Mindful Online Behaviour

In the world of entertainment, the pursuit of fame can sometimes push individuals to desperate measures. Recently, Nigeria witnessed a shocking incident involving popular musician Oladipo, who faked his death to gain public attention and bolster his fame. The news of his alleged demise initially elicited widespread sadness and longing for his return. However, when […]

Empowering Connections: Celebrating African Women’s Potential and Encouragement for Physical and Mental Well-being. 

On September 30th, 2023, the founder of Stop Mental Illness Foundation attended an exceptional event organised by Mrs. Maria Affa. The event aimed to unite women from diverse professional backgrounds, showcasing their talents and creating a platform for impacting each other’s lives. It was an inspiring gathering that highlighted the remarkable skills and contributions of African women to their […]

Mohbad: A Tragic Journey of Struggles, Grief, and Lost Potential

EDITOR:OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU Introduction: The Nigerian music industry has witnessed its fair share of talented artists who have graced the stage with their exceptional voices and infectious melodies. Among them was Mohabad, a rising star whose unfortunate journey was marked by personal struggles, rejection, and deep grief. Though the cause of Mohabad’s untimely death remains […]