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Mohbad: A Tragic Journey of Struggles, Grief, and Lost Potential

EDITOR:OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU Introduction: The Nigerian music industry has witnessed its fair share of talented artists who have graced the stage with their exceptional voices and infectious melodies. Among them was Mohabad, a rising star whose unfortunate journey was marked by personal struggles, rejection, and deep grief. Though the cause of Mohabad’s untimely death remains […]

Supporting Debbie: A Yoruba Movie Actress in Her Time of Grief and Healing

EDITOR:OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU Introduction: Debbie, a talented Yoruba movie actress, recently experienced an unimaginable tragedy: the loss of her baby at eight months into her pregnancy. This devastating event has left her in a state of uncontrollable grief, where tears flow incessantly. In light of this heartbreaking situation, it is imperative that Nigerians exercise utmost […]

Promoting Empathy and Understanding: Challenging Stigmatizing Language

OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU The incident that occurred involving a police officer making stigmatizing remarks about an individual leaving the Yaba Psychiatric Hospital in Nigeria highlights the importance of promoting empathy, understanding, and eliminating the stigma associated with mental health. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for education and awareness to combat prejudice […]