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10.00 AM Virtual

Mental Health Talk: Well-being in the Workplace

SMIF is organizing a Mental Health Talk called "Well-being in the Workplace" to highlight the importance of mental well-being at work. Experts will share insights, strategies, and tips on stress management, mindfulness, and effective communication. The talk will address common challenges like burnout and work-life balance, emphasizing how mental health affects productivity and job satisfaction. Employers, employees, and HR professionals are encouraged to attend to promote awareness and create a positive work culture. Let's build mentally healthy workplaces together!


09.00 AM Nigeria

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10th annually, aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and emphasize the importance of mental well-being. Organizations, advocates, and communities unite to educate the public, combat stigma, and offer support through events and activities like workshops and campaigns. With a changing theme each year, the day tackles critical topics such as depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, and access to mental health care. World Mental Health Day emphasizes that mental health affects everyone, encouraging open conversations and seeking help when necessary, as we strive for a world that prioritizes, understands, and supports mental well-being.


09.00 AM Nigeria

Break Out

SMIF is launching a skill acquisition program to help people break out of poverty. By providing training and tools for valuable skills, the program aims to create new opportunities and a brighter future. Participants will receive comprehensive training and mentorship to secure sustainable employment or start their businesses. The program recognizes that breaking out of poverty requires more than financial assistance and focuses on long-term economic stability through skill acquisition. With expert trainers and resources, participants can develop diverse skills relevant to different industries. SMIF's program is dedicated to empowering individuals and building successful careers, breaking the cycle of poverty, and creating a society where everyone can thrive.


09.00 AM Nigeria

Mental Health Talk Vol. 2

SMIF's 2nd Edition of Mental Health Talk comes up in January to raise awareness and provide insights on mental well-being. Renowned experts will discuss coping strategies, self-care, and reducing mental health stigma. The event aims to foster open conversations and provide practical advice and resources for individuals. SMIF's commitment to mental well-being is demonstrated through this event, which seeks to empower attendees and create a supportive environment for mental health awareness and growth. Stay tuned for updates and save the date to participate in this valuable event.