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Celebrating African Heritage, Health, and Teen Dating Violence Awareness: Promoting Mental Wellness in Nigeria and Across Africa

February 2024 February marks a significant time of reflection and awareness, as we celebrate African Heritage and Health Month alongside Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. In the rich tapestry of African culture and society, mental health plays a crucial role in shaping individual well-being and community resilience. It is imperative that we address mental health […]

 Empowering Women: Prioritizing Mental Health Across Every Stage of Life; Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Stop Mental Illness Foundation celebrates the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide. As we commemorate this day, it is crucial to recognize the importance of prioritizing mental health at every stage of a woman’s development. Women play diverse roles in society as caregivers, professionals, mothers, and leaders, […]

Reflections from the Burial Ground: A Call for Mental Wellness and Compassion and Condolences to Sisi Quadri’s and Mr. Ibu’s Loved Ones

Every day, as I step out of my house, I am confronted by the sight of a burial ground nearby. The solemn reminder of mortality prompts a series of introspective questions that echo in my mind: Am I living a life that aligns with my purpose? Am I making meaningful contributions to the lives of […]

Understanding Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide for Caregivers and Families

October Newsletter Introduction Dementia is a complex neurological condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. As the global population continues to age, it is crucial to raise awareness and provide support for those living with dementia and their families. In this article, we will explore the definition and causes of dementia, discuss the warning signs, […]

The Stop Mental Illness Foundation significant event at First Choice College Lagos

Yesterday, the Stop Mental Illness Foundation organized a significant event at First Choice College Lagos, where our esteemed CEO, Mrs. Oluseyi Elizabeth Odudimu, had the privilege of presenting on the pressing issues surrounding drug addiction and drug abuse among Nigerian youth. The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with approximately 400 students, along with nearly 100 […]

Mohbad: A Tragic Journey of Struggles, Grief, and Lost Potential

EDITOR:OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU Introduction: The Nigerian music industry has witnessed its fair share of talented artists who have graced the stage with their exceptional voices and infectious melodies. Among them was Mohabad, a rising star whose unfortunate journey was marked by personal struggles, rejection, and deep grief. Though the cause of Mohabad’s untimely death remains […]

Supporting Debbie: A Yoruba Movie Actress in Her Time of Grief and Healing

EDITOR:OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU Introduction: Debbie, a talented Yoruba movie actress, recently experienced an unimaginable tragedy: the loss of her baby at eight months into her pregnancy. This devastating event has left her in a state of uncontrollable grief, where tears flow incessantly. In light of this heartbreaking situation, it is imperative that Nigerians exercise utmost […]

Self-Care Practices

EDITOR: OLUSEYI ELIZABETH ODUDIMU   July Newsletter Self-care is a holistic practice that encompasses various principles, practices, and strategies aimed at nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It involves consciously and intentionally taking care of yourself, prioritizing your needs, and fostering a deep sense of self-love and compassion. Here, we will explore the different […]