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Suicidal Patient

Suicidal Patient

In a world plagued by adversity, the story of Eniola, a bright young man and 400-level student at the Federal University of Agriculture, stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Driven by a zeal to make ends meet, Eniola delved into the world of cryptocurrency, successfully securing investors for his business venture. However, his dreams quickly turned into a nightmare when he encountered a deceitful individual, leaving him devastated and on the brink of despair.


Oluseyi Odudimu

Int'l Social Worker & Founder


Project Summary

In this profound exploration, Eniola’s life-altering experience takes center stage, providing a personal and intimate perspective on the impact of mental health struggles. Throughout his journey, the Stop Mental Illness Foundation (SMIF) emerges as a pivotal force, playing a crucial role in his recovery and empowering him to confront and overcome thoughts of suicide.

Eniola’s narrative serves as a powerful tool for shedding light on the pressing issue of mental health. It delves into the depths of his struggles, offering insights into the emotional and psychological challenges faced by individuals in crisis. By delving into Eniola’s experiences, the project aims to foster empathy, understanding, and awareness regarding the complex nature of mental health conditions.

The transformative power of community support emerges as a central theme within Eniola’s story. SMIF’s involvement exemplifies the profound impact that organizations and networks can have in guiding individuals towards recovery and providing the necessary tools and resources for resilience. By emphasizing the role of community support, the project highlights the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and fostering an environment of compassion and understanding.

Through Eniola’s journey, the project aims to inspire hope and ignite conversations about mental health. By sharing his story, it seeks to encourage individuals who may be facing similar challenges to reach out for help and seek the support they need. By providing a platform for Eniola’s narrative, the project aims to humanize the struggle with mental health, combatting misconceptions, and fostering a greater sense of empathy and acceptance within society.

Ultimately, this exploration of Eniola’s experience, coupled with the impactful involvement of SMIF, offers a glimpse into the intricate and delicate nature of mental health. By shining a light on Eniola’s journey, the project endeavors to inspire meaningful change, foster dialogue, and cultivate a society that prioritizes mental well-being, ensuring that individuals in crisis receive the support, understanding, and resources necessary to embark on a path towards healing and resilience.

Our Working Process

Recognizing that emotional healing is a crucial aspect of recovery, SMIF’s compassionate team of volunteers extended extensive counseling support to Eniola. They understood the importance of addressing the underlying psychological challenges and facilitated connections with professional mental health services. This comprehensive approach aimed to provide Eniola with the necessary tools and resources to navigate his journey towards healing and resilience.

As part of their commitment to Eniola’s well-being, SMIF went above and beyond by organizing his relocation from Ogun State to Ibadan. Recognizing the need for a fresh start and a supportive environment, SMIF secured a secure apartment for Eniola, ensuring he had a safe and stable living space. Additionally, the foundation provided him with essential provisions, ensuring that his basic needs were met as he embarked on his path to recovery.

Through these tireless efforts, SMIF demonstrated their commitment to Eniola’s well-being on multiple fronts. By addressing his immediate physical needs, providing extensive counseling support, and facilitating a safe and stable living environment, the foundation worked diligently to create a comprehensive support system for Eniola’s recovery journey.

This remarkable example showcases the dedication and compassionate approach of the Stop Mental Illness Foundation, highlighting their commitment to individuals facing mental health challenges. The foundation’s intervention not only prioritized Eniola’s immediate well-being but also emphasized the importance of long-term support, fostering an environment where he could heal, rebuild his life, and ultimately regain hope for the future.

Helping You Walk Again

Eniola’s transformative journey has imbued him with an unyielding determination to extend a helping hand to others facing similar trials. Now firmly grounded and having successfully completed his academic pursuits, Eniola has fervently embraced the cause of suicide prevention. His powerful narrative serves as a beacon of hope, fostering dialogue, and shattering the stigma surrounding mental health. Collaborating with various organizations and actively engaging the community, Eniola works tirelessly to raise awareness, educate others, and ensure accessibility to mental health resources.

Eniola’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion, vigilance, and support networks in identifying those in crisis. It underscores the significance of collective responsibility in preventing suicide and offering solace to those grappling with mental health challenges.

Patient Feedback

Through the retelling of Eniola's profound odyssey, we strive to cultivate a society that embraces mental health with empathy, understanding, and open dialogue. Let his story be a catalyst for change, illuminating the path to resilience, healing, and hope.