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Youthpreneur: A Means To Achieving Sustainable Future

Youthpreneur: A Means To Achieving Sustainable Future

International Youth Day Concept


International Youth Day is observed on August 12 every year. The United Nations had in 1999 designated August 12 as International Youth Day. The first International Youth Day was celebrated on August 12, 2000.

Established on the recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers, International Youth Day provides an opportunity to recognize young talents and aims at coming up with solutions for the issues faced by the youth. It emphasizes on the rights of young people to have access to education, employment, healthcare, monetary services and participation in public life.

International Youth Day is important as several young people across the world are struggling with multiple issues related to physical or mental health, education and employment.

International Youth Day Theme

The theme for International Youth Day 2022 is “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a world for all ages”.

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, it is more crucial than ever for young people to come together and work towards achieving a sustainable future. There are a variety of global issues that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable development, including climate change, access to education and decent work and economic growth.

While these issues may seem daunting, there is hope that young people have the power to create change and make a positive impact on the world.

Our youths not only represent the future of the world, they are one of society’s main agents of change and progress. They have a great effect on economic development too. They help build many social relationships and develop a personality that defines them as a new generation. Young people are the cornerstone of society and represent a generational renewal. This is something that has been said so many times, but the reality is that young people are the ones in charge of building a legacy. What they do when they become adults depends on how  they think and act today.

This International Youth Day, we are celebrating global solidarity and action for young people who are striving to build better lives for themselves and their communities and society as a whole.

The first issue is receiving quality education (SDG 4).

Education and Knowledge are central to the development and improvement of lives of young people globally. It is the medium for youth with the help of which they can easily realize their potentialities and thus can contribute effectively in the upliftment of society.

Inarguably, education is for all and one of the fundamental rights of every human being. To achieve this, there is a need for constant efforts to ensure that young women and men have access to free, equitable and quality education, as well as targeted training opportunities.

The United Nations has recognized the need for Quality primary and secondary education should be complemented by affordable technical, vocational and tertiary education that provides youth with relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

The second is Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8). The problems of underemployment, unemployment, and low work quality have proven to be persistent and overwhelming for young people. Many young individuals are engaged in low-paying, unstable, or unofficial jobs. For vulnerable and disadvantaged adolescents, such as young women, and those living in humanitarian circumstances, the obstacles to finding and keeping a good job are much more severe and complex,” he said.

With currently 1.8 billion youth in the world, making up over a quarter of the global population and forming the largest youth population in history, let’s all come together and celebrate the potential of young people and reaffirm their right to live in a safe, secure and happy environment.

Written by Adeogun Joseph Kayode. Kayode is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, Journalist, Communications and  Leadership Coach with over 15 years working experience with individuals and various organizations in Nigeria and across the world. He is also an author of ten books on school leadership, new media, digital marketing, public speaking, freelance writing and entrepreneurship.



Mrs. Oluseyi Elizabeth Odudimu is a mental health advocate and the founder of the Stop Mental Illness Foundation. With a solid academic background, she has dedicated her life to raising awareness about mental health issues and providing support to individuals suffering from mental illness. Mrs. Odudimu is also a published author, mentor, and a loving mother and wife. Her tireless efforts have earned her numerous accolades and honors, making her a true role model and a beacon of hope for those affected by mental illness.

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