Inappropriate view, approach and action towards disable people in Nigeria.

Inappropriate view, approach and action towards disable people in Nigeria.

Disability is physical or mental impairment, which can denied an individual the ability to function well in the society. It could be Psychological Disorders, Invisible or visible disabilities and can affect vision, hearing, thinking, learning, movement, mental health, remembering, communication and social relationships disorder. It is very important for Nigerians to generate critical thinking about humanities and ways of treating disabled, which will reshape our customs, individual mindset, social and political perspectives.

Disability discrimination is a way of treating someone unfairly, they are who they are, neither you or they themselves can  definitely change this, but It is improper to look down on them or showing it to their face that they disable in order to bring them down is obviously, it is inhuman.

 Furthermore, Nigerians need to reshape their dynamics understanding of disability, so as to create conducive disabled environment for the vulnerable. We must understand psychological implications of Harassment, Victimization and discrimination of disabled ones in the society.  However, not being fare to disabled individual is an unwanted conduct that can causes a distressing, humiliating or offensive environment for that person.

We need to gain knowledge, appropriate body and verbal languages that can be use to communicate effectively with disable people .We have to be selective  in our choice of language while addressing people with physical or cognitive disabilities,  improper language  like “retarded”  can be so unpleasant and frustrating , which may aggravate their condition. Please let us join the arch of those providing assistance to disable people rather than bring them down.

 It is advisable that we should acquire education about disability. Knowledge is a powerful tool in fostering social change and creating a more hospitable, accommodating and tolerant world; on the other hand, nearly every one of them are intelligent and resourceful, they only need high-quality treatment. Disabled people are struggling, show them understanding, empathy, be a good listener and accommodate them.


  • Let’s be sensitive towards disabled and assist them rehabilitate into the mainstream of society.
  • Be sensitive, thoughtful and respectful to them.
  • Disabled people need friends, acquaintances, and not enemy.
  • Majority of them are able to do so many things themselves, they just need psychosomatic support; let give them required support.
  • Treat them like a regular person, they are unique.
  • Stop calling them all sort of names, this can increase health problem in them and can also causes psychological problem
  • Stop the discrimination and stop engaging in avoidance behavior towards them.

You really do not want to know how it feel to be disable, feeling out of place, unable to act like every other person, feelings of be excluded from society, inability to partake in all activities like every other person and yet someone would just keep adding more to their emotional trauma , is not good enough.

Please Nigerians, stop making life miserable for them, they have enough burden already, why adding more. Nigerians, please we need to modify our way of life and adopt a better way of treating everyone’s needs as vital as ours.

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